Update on Baby Je-An

Jeff Andrei Las Pinas, the child that I blogged about several months back, is now 9 months old. Baby Je-An has congenital heart and disease and imperforate anus. When he was born, his doctor adviced his parents to make sure that he can have his heart surgery before he reaches 1 year old.

Due to lack of finances, he wasn’t able to have the heart surgery the past months. However, he has been having frequent attacks of congestion and as his grandmother told me, sometimes his breathing stops. Last night Je-An’s mom didn’t sleep well because from time to time she’d wake up to see how her son’s breathing pattern was. They were told that JeAn can’t wait any longer. The operation has to take place as soon as possible which means next week.

Today, his grandmother Olive, my friend Cindy and myself went to a foundation to plan for the baby’s surgery. However, since JeAn’s condition is really weak, he can’t go through the open heart surgery instead, he will only have the Pulmonary Artery Banding- that is just a temporary repair since an open surgery is too critical for JeAn’s condition now. Hopefully after the PAB he can have his regular growth and the moment he gets physically fit for the heart surgery, he has to have one. Only after his heart gets repaired can he have a PSARP and then the colostomy closure.

Everything entails large amounts of money. Last January, baby Joshua (born with imperforate anus and congenital heart disease) died because his parents didn’t have money to send him to the hospital… I truly pray that we can save Je-An :( Please read my post on SHARE YOUR BLESSING to know in what ways you can be of help. 

This is JeAn at 9months ( only 4 kilos and can only take 1oz of milk per feeding):



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8 Responses to Update on Baby Je-An

  1. Pinay Mommy says:

    Is there a way where Paypal is accepted??

  2. MeiliLo says:


    I don’t have a paypal account e… but thanks for asking.

  3. Pinay Mommy says:

    Can we create one for him? Or maybe Mommy Boots would be willing to make one? Create a donation button tapos classify lang for Baby Je-Ann. Pwede gid na sya. :)

    Maybe we can make an online campaign for him. Anything that can help him.

  4. May says:

    Pinay Mommy and I were just talking… we really need to help this kid!

  5. Pinay Mommy says:

    I couldn’t help but agree with you May! Go Team Je-Ann!!

  6. Clarisse says:

    Hi Maricar,

    I can’t seem to send a proper message through our yahoo group so I am sending one here. Is there a way for Je-An to get into the PGH charity program so he can have the Pulmonary Banding and then his surgeries? I will also try to get PCSO funding for the surgeries.

    I spoke with a doctor in PGH, she is the head of pediatric surgery, and she is willing to help. But Je-An might already have a doctor. Let me know your number so I can call you.



  7. MeiliLo says:

    thank you all soooo much!

    Due to Je-An’s condition, the mother decided to go to Manila even without support hoping to get to some charities there to help her son… He’s breathing’s really bad already.

    Pls. include him in your prayers… thank you.

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