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SHE WRITES: I don’t know if you’re familiar with the song Boys Don’t Cry, but I am. Growing up I always wondered why it’s such a big deal for boys (big ones because little boys DO cry if they need to) admitting that they cried over something or someone. What’s more surprising though is that some people (including women) find it a sign of weakness when they cry.  But not for me… Personally, I think crying is my way of unloading my burdens and after that, there’s a certain relief and I DO feel better. I can say I’m stronger after hundreds or thousands of tears had been released. Well, aside from the fact that I consider myself a cry baby, crying is really an outlet for me when I’m hurt or when I’m down. I cry if I need to or if I want to. However, I always choose to dry my tears, get on with life and … Continue reading

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