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BLUE and HAPPY day :)

It was a one truly fine day spent with both the Lo’s and the Boyero’s… It was Meimei’s birthday last April 16 but we had it celebrated at Palmas Del Mar today mainly because for my 2 kids (EJ and Meimei), swimming seem to be the love of their lives! Whenever they see a swimming pool, the first thing that comes to their minds is, DIVE DIVE DIVE and DIVE! Even if it’s just in the pictures or videos. I decided to have a family pool party so everyone can just enjoy and exercise Not everybody swam but I appreciate the fact that those who didn’t stayed until those who did finished up… I thought that after the picture taking in the function room and at the pool area, those who didn’t swim would go back home. But I was surprised to see the dry group waiting for the wet … Continue reading

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