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Dear Elisha, I was browsing through some of our pictures in China when I saw our Christmas 2008 photos. OUR Christmas means including Meimei because she was already in my tummy. I bet she felt the joy and heard the laughter those evenings we had our Christmas parties with friends and with our OFW families in Jiaxing :) Not to mention dancing to the beat of the happy songs! To let you see the different events that took place in the different parties we went to, here are some of the pictures and a little description of what transpired. FOREIGNERS CHRISTMAS PARTY Every year, Speedy Tech (IMI-Jiaxing) sends representatives to this event and last year, your papa was chosen to represent the company in this gathering. The picture contains those who were seated with us that night as well as some of the special numbers presented to entertain the guests. After dinner, we went to Starbucks to meet … Continue reading

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SHE WRITES:Waking up every December 25th was one of the most exciting days of my life when I was 9 years old and younger. I would run to my gifts and open them with big ahhhs and ooohs in disbelief that Santa passed by and gave me (and my siblings) those gifts! When I found out that Mr. Santa was mom and dad, I didn’t get disappointed but rather grateful that even if we didn’t have much money, there wasn’t a Christmas morn where we woke up with no gifts. When my siblings and I were all grown up, I asked my dad why they kept doing that “Santa” thingy even if we were hard up financially. He told me something that made it all the more special… Papa said seeing the JOY in our faces, with those wide eyes as we opened the gifts made their efforts all worth … Continue reading

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