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PLEASE Pray for Baby Je-An

This afternoon, my friend Ruby and I with my kids went to baby Je-An’s house to say goodbye and bless him before he leaves for Manila tomorrow night. Je-An and his mom, lolo and lola will travel to Manila by boat because his pedia cardiologist (Dr. Franco) won’t give him clearance to ride the airplane as it is too dangerous for his condition. They will leave Bacolod around 9pm tomorrow night and will be arriving Manila about 10pm Sunday night. Analyn, Je-An’s mom, has an uncle who drives a taxi will pick them up and bring them somewhere (they still don’t know where they can spend the night). Monday morning they’re hoping to be admitted in the Philippine Heart Center. Initial estimates of Je-An’s expenses will reach at least P200,000 ( approx. $ 4,200) which covers for Pulmonary Artery Catether and Pulmonary Artery Banding. The family will leave Bacolod with … Continue reading

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Update on Baby Je-An

Jeff Andrei Las Pinas, the child that I blogged about several months back, is now 9 months old. Baby Je-An has congenital heart and disease and imperforate anus. When he was born, his doctor adviced his parents to make sure that he can have his heart surgery before he reaches 1 year old. Due to lack of finances, he wasn’t able to have the heart surgery the past months. However, he has been having frequent attacks of congestion and as his grandmother told me, sometimes his breathing stops. Last night Je-An’s mom didn’t sleep well because from time to time she’d wake up to see how her son’s breathing pattern was. They were told that JeAn can’t wait any longer. The operation has to take place as soon as possible which means next week. Today, his grandmother Olive, my friend Cindy and myself went to a foundation to plan for the baby’s surgery. … Continue reading

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