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Dating My Prince

Elisha, my first born, was almost 4 years old when his sister was born. At his age, he still needs a lot of attention because he is only a preschooler. He still needs to be taken cared of and he still wants to be taken cared of. Although he dislikes being called a baby, I still see him as one So since the day I knew I was pregnant, I have thought of creative ideas how not to make him feel jealous and to assure him that he is still loved. Before Meimei (his sister) came out, I already asked family members not to tease EJ that he’s not loved anymore because a new baby is coming knowing that that kind of joke (bad joke actually) will open the door to jealousy or worse, will cause EJ to hate her sister. I have always been careful not to make him feel rejected and not … Continue reading

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