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Life Worth Remembering

Last October 24, 2008 I posted my very first article in my Life Worth Remembering blog. Here’s a copy of that post. The ones in blue fonts are new additions. “I will make my MARK in this generation. I will impact people around me. I will make a difference.” “You’re not everyone, but you are one You may not do everything, but you can do something” “You may be a stay at home mom, and you’re calling is to raise a child that may influence millions” “A 100 years from now, will it be any significant that I lived on this planet? Make it a goal to leave this earth better of than before you came in.” These are some of the thoughts that I picked up while listening to Joel Osteen’s preaching one Sunday regarding “Living a Life Worth Remembering.” The message struck me and it made me realize … Continue reading

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