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This afternoon my friend Cindy and I went to visit a baby boy named Jeff Andrei Las Pinas. My heart was moved when I saw him… Like Meimei, he too has imperforate anus (read my post if you don’t know what it is). The sad thing about it is little Je-An has congenital heart disease – a hole in his heart and biventricular enlargement. Like Meimei too, Je-An has colostomy, however, he can’t proceed with the 2nd operation (PSARP Surgery) unless his heart goes through an open heart surgery. He has difficulty in breathing – as in gasping for air. At the age of 5 months, he can only consume a maximum of 2 oz every 2-3hrs or else he may experience more difficulty in breathing. Unless his heart is repaired, baby Je-An won’t grow… At 5 months, he is still wearing his new born clothes because he only weighs about 5 – 6lbs. Considered as blue baby, his new born weight … Continue reading

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