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A 4 Year Old’s Prayer

Dear Elisha, I’ve been meaning to write you about your prayer times because there had been a lot of instances that you amazed me with your prayers, the ones that you say on your own… Here’s one that’s very fresh that you uttered before you slept this evening (Dec. 2, 2009): Dear God our Father, Thank you for blessing our friends and family. Thank you for our ROCKING CHAIR. Thank you that tomorrow I can go to school and make my… (you paused and asked me – Mama, what will we make tomorrow in my science class, I forgot – so I had to remind you that you’ll make a clay dough) … my clay dough. Thank you for blessing others. In Jesus name, Amen. I won’t and can’t enumerate everything but just to give you an idea of what you prayed for as a 4 year old boy, read on  :) … for Jose Rizal … Continue reading

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