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Dear Elisha, It’s been 3 days since your accident – you hit your head on the edge of the of the bench while you were playing with your classmates which resulted to an injury on your left eyebrow and swelling on the left side of your face. I keep recallingthe scene where the lady guard (Manang Josie) was carrying you and running from the preschool department all the way to the clinic… I keep hearing your excruciating cry… I keep seeing the blood that covered your face and your uniform when I finally confirmed that it was you Manang Josie brought to the clinic… I keep seeing the the time 4:02pm in the car as I parked outside your school because seconds after that, the accident happened… I keep wondering if arriving earlier would’ve prevented the accident…I keep feeling how your body trembled when nurse Marizet was cleaning your wound, teacher Glazeus was removing the … Continue reading

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