First of all, I would like to thank family, friends and even strangers for sending help for Baby Jeff Andrei Las Pinas (Je-An). May the Lord bless your kindness to this kiddo.

They went to the Philippine Heart Center last Monday and the poor boy had to undergo several testings such as blood tests, urine, 2d echo and many others to find out if he can go through the temporary repair. Unfortunately, the doctors concluded based on the test results that right now, he cannot because of the following reasons:

1. he is way below under weight so he has to gain a little more… they are asking that he should at least be able to take 3oz of milk each time, however, the most he can take was 2oz. They tried giving increasing it but when they reached 2.5 oz, he was rushed to the emergency room because he had difficulty breathing that they had to use oxygen to help him.

2. he has kidney infection… he’s currently taking antibiotics.

3. he has pneumonisa… also under medication.

Because PHC is only for patients who need immediate heart surgery, they were asked to transfer to the National Children’s Hospital last weekend. They need to stay there until all the infections clear and he’s able to take the 3oz of milk.

Please continue to lift baby Je-An in your prayers. Include his mom too as she also got sick due to fatigue. If any of you live somewhere near that hospital, you may visit. Analyn Las Pinas is the mom and the baby is Jeff Andrei. Analyn’s parents are there but they can’t stay in the hospital because of the 1 watcher at a time only policy. They’re closest relative is in Cavite so her parents stay there and if Analyn needs something, they have to travel that far. If you have a place to offer them, do let me know.

Baby Je-An is truly a fighter… Let’s help him win this battle.

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I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a teacher and a friend.I have needs as well as wants, dreams as well as frustrations..I am simply ME =) but most importantly, I am an individual who believes in the goodness of my creator no matter what..
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