There’s a saying that goes, UNEXPRESSED GRATITUDE IS INGRATITUDE. It doesn’t say though if it has to be verbalized because there are people who are not expressive in their words, but they claim they express gratitude through their actions. However, actions without words may easily be misinterpreted. Same goes with all words and no actions, the recipient of our words may doubt what we’re saying.  So when it comes to expressing, I think it should be both actions + words. I am both – I say it out loud when I’m grateful and I also see to it that actions like hugs or kisses go with my words. My husband is most of the time the action only type. After 5 years of marriage, I finally heard him say (with 2 witnesses) when we were in China that I am not just his better half, I am his perfect half – the perfect fit for him. whew! It took several days for me to accept it… thought it was a dream :) hihi…

How about you? Are you the action speaks or the words + action type?


A. I express through my actions…

B. I express through actions and words…

C. Others (pls. specify)

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I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a teacher and a friend.I have needs as well as wants, dreams as well as frustrations..I am simply ME =) but most importantly, I am an individual who believes in the goodness of my creator no matter what..
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7 Responses to ACTIONS OR WORDS?

  1. gladita says:

    I guess I express more through actions. Blame it in the environment I grew up with, we were not very expressive. However, I’m trying to correct that since I think we also have to say what we feel. But we must also mean what we say. Insincere words are the worst.

  2. tessa says:

    A. I express through my actions…

    i sometimes find it hard to express how i feel in words. it is necessary because actions can be misinterpreted, but i’ve always been the silent type when it comes to emotions…

  3. Pinay Mommy says:

    B. I express through actions and words…

    I always felt that I should do everything to get myself understood especially with my husband who lacks the capacity to interpret things. LOL!! :D

  4. MM says:

    B! Actions and words should go hand in hand :)

  5. poshpost says:

    i think both for me, i am very transparent, hehe new na akon domain! hehe

  6. jabez says:

    ideally, i’d say im the ‘actions and words’ type. but the truth is, i always end up beign the ‘just words’ kind. :( huhuhu..

    found yer blog, at last!!!!!

  7. Pinay Mommy says:

    Off topic muna… please visit Thanks!!

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